Our Spring/Summer collection is out and available! Hinting at calmness in an ever-changing world, the Spring Summer collection is characterized by quiet, natural color combinations, with the exception of the occasional colorful outburst. Combined with classic designs such as checks and stripes, it will quickly become your favorite collection.
Linen and cotton form the foundation of this yarn dye collection, occasionally combining their strengths in beautiful compositions that leave you wondering if they’re better together or apart. We have selected some of our favorite items for you! 
Earthy tones
These tones and textures bring an earthy aesthetic, that will make you long for warm, sunny days and long summer nights. The crisp linen and simplicity of the colour combinations make this selection irresistible.
Check, please!
You name it, we have it. A versatile and rugged selection, that features tartans, plaids and checks. While blue and red dominate this selection, you will find a lot of other colours in suiting colorful combinations. 
Got the blues?
Because we do! Light blue, dark blue, striped blue, mixed blues; we have them all. Why are we this excited about the colour blue? Because blue is extremely versatile. It is formal, casual and goes with almost any other colour. 
Fall in line
Stripes may be the most timeless and classy design of all, with endless possible variations. We went out of our way to make these designs the perfect balance between classy, inspiring and colourful. 
Milk and sugar
It is believed, that the term Seersucker originates from the Persian word “shîr-o shakar” (شیر و شکر‎), which literally means "milk and sugar". With milk representing the smooth texture and sugar representing the bumps, that make this fabric so special. A seersucker is timeless, does not need ironing, masks wrinkles and pulls away from the body, making it a breathable and therefor perfect fabric for hot summer weather. 
If fabrics were a mood, linen would be nostalgic. It invokes a longing for simplicity and pays tribute to the past. This age old, long lasting, breezy fabric will get you through the warmest of days, while looking great. 



Color, pattern and fantasy come together with an unencumbered imagination to create a magical world of shirtings. These are a few favorites that are sure to evoke happiness, confidence and compliments.






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