Our Concept



As opposed to the traditional fashion industry, all the products on our site (with the exception of Scojo) are designed by Lucky Nahum and sold directly to YOU.

This avoids, the markup that retailers justly need to earn to maintain a store and a livelihood.
With our DESIGNER DIRECT BUSINESS MODEL the bottom line is that YOU get to save....a lot!

But wait, that's not all. We are not only leaders in our fashion designs, but in business innovation as well. How? With us, you can NAME YOUR OWN PRICE


This may very well have never been offered anywhere in this way, but hey, we will never be accused of not innovating.

Our prices indicate to you what we believe is a fair price that offers value to you the consumer. However, we know that we are all different and as such we have individualized our prices.

When you are looking at any specific product, you will have the option to buy it as it is priced OR at a price of your choosing. YOU, get to make us an offer for what YOU are willing/wishing to pay for that product.

We may gratefully accept your offer, reluctantly reject it or make you a fair counter offer. The process is fluid and the dialogue is open, as such we've made it as fair as we believe we can make it. Mainly we believe our products are exceptional and we would love for all to be able to enjoy them.

PS. This chart below gives you an idea of how we price our products.

* Our prices include: Design, Creation, Communication and Logistics,