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At Vluxe, we believe that Denim, as a category of fabrics, is simply the fabric that has most impacted the world. We're honored and proud to be able to work with the very best fabrics offered anywhere on earth.  

We now offer you the opportunity to get past the endless search for the best fitting pair of jeans by bringing you Custom Denim; have it the way you want it and perfectly fitted to your body.

These are but a representation of one pair of Vluxe Denim. Yours, will more than likely look entirely different, or not, you may just choose your jeans to be just as we've designed them.

Below, are the current offering of denim fabric and washed cotton. All fabrics are stretch, the composition and weight differs, as well as the amount of wash, is entirely of your own choosing.

  VLD105  VLD106  VLD109  VLD110  VLD111