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Lucky Nahum, has been in the fashion industry for decades and specifically, among the top industry leaders in the design and production of shirts. Some of the most innovative models ever seen in the light of day that have also met with tremendous success came indeed from Lucky Nahum. Having designed for several brands throughout the years has afforded him the capacity to provide to several markets in several continents. Vluxe y Lucky Nahum, has been the latest masterpiece brand and the one with which we now propose to you, Vluxe bespoke shirts: Made-To-Made shirts where you will e the one to ultimately finalize your very own design, on your own or with our help, either way, you choose. You will select fabrics, collars, cuffs and many, many other details including exclusive model available only by contacting us directly.

Many search for the “unique” shirt, trying to make their own version of a classic, perhaps. We make it possible offering an endless stream of options: we have a large catalogue including more than 25 collars, 10 cuffs and many options like buttoned placket, sleeve placket, bottom, pocket… the combinations are uncountable.

Technology and the changing lifestyle of consumers has brought us today to bespoke shirts for men. We make shirts from the creation of the unique design, cutting the individual pattern for each customer to the delivery ultimately, at the final destination, wherever you may be.

We buy the raw material from the best brands: Canclini Tesstile, Thomas Mason Bespoke, Thomas Mason David & John Anderson, Cotonificio Albini, Sidogras, Jaba Textil, Loro Piana and more. We are also known for creating our own printed fabric, being able ultimately, to offer you a 
selection of more than 3,000 qualities and designs of textile.

We count on the necessary facilities to carry out our work according to the current demands of our clients. We have the finest artisans, the latest machinery, including our transport air system, to optimize time and organize the production in our factory.
We make actual bespoke shirts for any occasion and in any style. We make sophisticated shirts for the office or to wear in a casual style.

While we are more than happy to work directly with you, we use the latest in 3D technology for you, in your comfort, to "design" your very own shirt.

All our products are made to order, this helps us keep our commitment to maintaining as small of an environmental footprint as possible. We don't produce on speculation so that the waste normally associated with the fashion industry is tremendously reduced and this is good for all of us.

Expect all production plus delivery time to be approximately 30 days. While it can be as soon as 15 days it can extend to a few days past 30 depending on forces outside of our control.

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