A real conversation between a customer and Lucky Nahum.

    Customer: There are many stores to buy from, what makes yours the one to buy from?

    Lucky Nahum: We have a lot of years under our belt. We've been designing, manufacturing and selling to the top stores internationally for decades. We know what we're doing and we're like no other on earth.

    C: Why are you like no other on earth? 

    LN: Our designs being all original means no one else has them. Look, there's no shortage of both great and awful clothing, I happen to think we're on the side of great, but ultimately you are the one who will make that determination.

    C: What about your prices, how do they compare?

    LN: From the very first day we made clear why there is value in our products. The same quality products I used to design and sell to the best store around are now being sold to you but with a VERY big difference; YOU don't have to incur the retailer's markups as you are buying directly from us. In addition, we have introduced a most innovative system that we believe it has never been offered before. Tell us what you want to pay and we will consider your offer, besides getting me Because they are my designs, you may also GET LUCKY but getting a product you desire for the price you desire.

    C: That's crazy!!!!

    LN: Yes, it's crazy good!



    An imagined conversation between a retailer and Lucky Nahum.

    Retailer: What is this about?

    Lucky Nahum: Well, our Retail Partner Program is too good and too important to your business and to ours to try and squeeze it into a few words. We respect you and ourselves to only want to do it right.

    R: So how am I supposed to know about it?

    LN: Simple! Fill out the form by clicking here.

    R: Do I have to?

    LN: Only if you like to make money.

    R: Then what?

    LN: Then we call you within 24 hours and tell you how it is that we do the work and you make the money.

    R: My time is limited, is it going to be a long call?

    LN: It's amazing how limited time seems to be for improving one's business. Look, you need to invest 15 minutes of your time, if we can't explain it in 15 minutes, run for the hills.