The Beautiful Crazy Mind Of A Creative

The Beautiful Crazy Mind Of A Creative

I've lived long enough, to have been called lots of things, to have been bothered by them and to not give a damn whatsoever.

While my creative juices still flow, I continue to allow ideas to play in my head, I say that as though I actually have a choice...I don't. I suppose the religious and spiritual will say that it comes from a higher power, I won't argue that, I will just say that wherever we creatives get our ideas from must indeed be special. We creatives seem to be living in a world where our "antennas" receive before all others, in colors, and shapes, some common, some not so common and some seen for the first time ever. All of these can be so abstract that they can have with their own sounds, music, smell, attitude, taste, our designs embody all the senses we do. They have their own attitudes that require being dealt with accordingly.

Weeks ago I began to envision the patterns that circuit boards form and as the idea entered the playground that is my mind, it wandered to the part of my brain where experience and knowledge reside. Sometimes the whimsy of art and the logic of knowledge speak different languages and the struggle for each side to make its points understood to the other can feel like it might just break out into violence at any given moment. Trust me, violence is never pretty, but inside one's head it can truly be disturbing. Other times however, while the language may be different, and as in a song, the lyrics may not be understood, there is an affinity for the music so that both sides can find the common joy of dancing together.

This is what happened with my vision of circuit boards, designs began to grow out of the "dance" now in full swing in my head. Recently I introduced a new brand called Lucky Lemon, an Athleisure Wear brand that tongue in cheek, winked at the powerhouse that is Lulu Lemon. My thought was they do not own all citrus fruits and I am not sure if there is an actual person named Lulu at Lulu Lemon, what I was completely sure of though was, that I, Lucky exist, that I am a fashion designer and that I love limes particularly as they are part of a favorite drink; the Vodka Gimlet.

The first two designs that evolved were the Circuit and the Pure Circuit.

Pure Circuit



Of course artwork is one thing, turning it into fashion is yet another, and so the process begins. This is the part where knowledge, experience and business savvy has more say in the back and forth with the creative side. The result, well, in my not so humble opinion is a collection of garments that are fun, elegant, and fresh looking. Here are a few pieces for you to see with many more at

Circuit Cropped Windbreaker

Circuit Slip-On Flyknit Shoe

Circuit Mid-Rise Capri

Pure Circuit Tank Top

Circuit Canvas Slip-On Shoe

Pure Circuit Cropped Hoodie

Pure Circuit Cropped Hoodie

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