What Keeps Me Up At Night? Tom Proietti

What Keeps Me Up At Night? Tom Proietti

It's a given that there's plenty in our world to keep anyone up at night, however at  my age it's an act in futility to expect to sleep through the night. I am admittedly jealous of the less inquisitive, I wish I could get up and go right back to sleep. But any slight opening in my window of thought, which takes all of 10 seconds, begins the journey my brain will embark on for the next few hours.
I suppose that being a business owner and a creative I simply have no hope.

As I've gotten older in an ever changing business and social scene I am less sure how to say things to get my message across, how to comunicate with my customer. Am I sounding my age or can I communicate across the generations? Recently I put into action what I believe to be a pretty radical business model, more specifically, a pricing model. In so doing I thought it best to present it in a brand new, cleaner, sleeker web site. No, it's not brain surgery but with thousands of products that I've designed and available on the site it's an undertaking. That said, the website was lightweight up against the new pricing model. Conceptualizing it, how to put it together on the site, how to communicate it well, this was another matter all together. I mean look, I am making all my prices simply a SUGGESTION. That's right, ultimately you get to make an offer on the product you want and NAME YOU OWN PRICE.
Yes I know, hard to believe isn't it? If you're interested you can check it out here, and frankly for the life of me I don't know why you wouldn't want the hottest apparel and lifestyle products while naming your own price.

Alas, just as I was about to land the concept plane, AI (artificial intelligence) and articles about ChatGPT blew up all over, and I mean ALL OVER, I couldn't not see it. For those recently coming in from the furthest corners of the world, in a nutshell, it is a software that allows all your questions to be answered, to write essays and articles based on what you ask of it and to generate pictures and art based on your instructions and a million other variables you want and then some.
Still perhaps having more than a few drops of old school thinking, I ended up not using it to comunicate my new concept. But that didn't mean I wasn't going to waste my REM sleep on some exchanges with the App I recently procured.
So It began like this.....

Ok, not the deepest but it was a start, and now I felt like I had a new friend.
Oh, this doesn't sound very encouraging.

This App has clearly never met the wrong App during last call in some drink hole in a dusty town somewhere. So I push forward....


No shit Sherlock!!!!

But could I really go to sleep, my head flooding with thoughts, concepts, fantasies, questions, Tom Proietti. TOM PROIETTI???
Shit, just when I thought I was out, my friend Rem Sleep was just around the corner and Tom, Tom brought me back in. Why not, ask the App one more question.

There, I feel much better knowing that, now I can try and go to sleep.

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