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Our Spring/Summer collection is out and available! Hinting at calmness in an ever-changing world, the Spring Summer collection is characterized by quiet, natural color combinations, with the exception of the occasional colorful outburst. Combined with classic designs such as checks and stripes, it will quickly become your favorite collection. Linen and cotton form the foundation of this yarn dye collection, occasionally combining their strengths in beautiful compositions that leave you wondering if they’re better together or apart. We have selected some of our favorite items for you!  Earthy tones These tones and textures bring an earthy aesthetic, that will make you long for warm, sunny days and long summer nights. The crisp linen and simplicity of the colour combinations make...

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I've been in fashion my entire adult life, mostly in the Men's world and have dabled in the Women's world as well.I would like to announce the introduction of the new Vluxe by Lucky Nahum Women's Sneaker Line to our MTO (Made-To-Order) Program, adding to already existing beautiful Women's Shoes. It’s about time, wouldn't you say?!?The Women’s Sneaker collection will begin with four of the most iconic casual styles on the market: Trainer, High Top, Tennis and Slip on. Additional styles to  follow, stay connected! The Sneakers can be ordered on our website's 3D Designing Platform as a one of, you style it as you please, remember, this is available as an MTO Program (Made-to-Order), one pair a a time, no minimum orders.   You...

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Patina is the result of many hand-applied techniques for colouring leather, through the application of essential oils, and multiple layers of pigments and dyes. The character, shades and intensity imprinted by our master colourist on each pair of shoes makes them a unique piece of art and craftsmanship on their own. You can further personalize this finishing by choosing the “intensity” of the patina, that is, the amount of shadow or aging effect applied. Two intensity levels are available: “Medium”, which is the standard effect, and “Heavy”, with darker shadows and dimmer tones. Look for the Patina Intensity Selector widget on the left side of the 3D Designing Tool. And remember that the widget will only show up when designing...

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